Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Postman

Here comes the postman

Walking down the lane

What wonders he carries in his sack

Multicoloured envelopes

Brown and even plain

Giros and Postal orders

Parcels and bills

Repeat prescriptions for next door

So they can get their pills

Letters from the bank

Letters from afar

Subscriptions to magazines

Offers for a car

Bulging with all that weight

There must be something for me

That I can sit and open

And read with a cup of tea

He's drawing ever closer

With parcels for next door

It won't be long until I hear

Some letters on the floor

But wait! Please stop

There's some mistake

You've missed my door

You postal snake

You've missed me out

Where's my mail?

I scream and shout

Till I go pale

Still there's always tomorrow.

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