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Tips for a enjoyable prolonged stay at Colonia

I’ve fallen in Love with the Colonia region. I’m now on my second stay out here and I intend to make it my home for at least a couple of months. I want to provide some info for fellow Commanders who think about moving out here. With a little bit of preparation back in the bubble, you won’t be missing out (much) when you’re coming out here.PreparationWhat ship should I take for the trip? Well, this is up to your personal taste. Basically any ship will do, as star density is always dense enough when you’re heading out to Colonia, so jumprange matters only in regards of how many jumps you can take getting out here. I recommend a dedicated explorer, so you can do some exploring on the way out. Also remember that you can use some modules from your Exploring/Voyaging Vessel in a ship you’re going to buy out there for some local mission running/bounty hunting/passenger shuttling.I also recommend engineering your Exploration Vessel, and while you’re doing your rounds with the Engineers, think about pinning some blueprints - you can remote engineer stuff at the stations in Colonia!Edit: make sure to rep up with the engineer/the blueprint to G5 when you‘re at the engineer, because remote-engineering DOES NOT rise the rep/grade with the engineer!Do gather some Materials beforehand, I recommend , the engineers section to plan what you’d need out there in Colonia.I can give a detailed list of what blueprints I pinned for my stay in Colonia if the need shall be.Edit 2: A list of my pinned blueprints is now at the end of this post.Also think about what ships you might want to buy in Colonia once you’re here. The Python would be the most versatile and useful powerhorse (and she can use the 5A FSD of an Asp Explorer, so you could easily enhance her jumprange when/if you park your Asp in the Region). The FDL would make a good Combat-oriented vessel, and can use the Thrusters of the Asp (I made the trip with G5 DD 5A Thrusters in my Asp and swapped the 5A for some 5D that I DD-engineered on site here in Colonia). And of course, the Beluga is a good buy in Colonia. You can shuttle VIP-Tourists from systems around Colonia to Jaques Station at Colonia, and you can make up to 60 million Cr./hr doing so.So, when you more or less know what Ships you might want to buy in Colonia, buy some modules back here in the bubble to have them shipped out later on. Module availabilty has become better now in Colonia Region, but still no A-rated bigger modules out here.Use and to see what modules and ships are available in Colonia and what modules you should buy back in the bubble. If you have the time and the means, you could already engineer the modules back in the bubble, because here you can add experimental effects, which are missing when you do remote engineering. Check for engineering, and what materials you might need, either for back in the bubble or for Colonia. (There are materials traders out there, btw, 1 trader for each category (data, raw and manufatured). It takes about 62 hours to ship stuff/ships out here, and it costs 1.3 times the value of the module/ship.The Voyage out thereYou can either speed your way by using neutron boosting (it’s mandatory to have an AFMU on board if you go neutron boostin) or you can take the scenic route.I recommend taking your time and do some proper exploration on your way out. There are truly some stunning views on your way to Colonia. When you’re about halfway there, at the outskirts of the galactic central „bar“, and fly about 1000 Ly above the plane, you will see many, many giant stars. I recommend planning 1000 Ly stretches of your voyage, and use the realistic galaxy map to look out for special stars. When you found a waypoint, I recommend setting your star filter for OBAFG stars, plus proto-stars, Carbon stars and Non-Sequence stars. This hightens your chance to find habitable/terraformable planets, and to find some special stars. I recommend using ED Discovery for the voyage and learning the ropes of Exploration.You are in Colonia region. What to do now?First, go sell your exploration data. I strongly recommend distributing your data at the various systems and stations. Remember, Exploration data worth about 7 Million Cr. will get you to Allied-Status with the leading faction of the station where you sell the data. This will give you a boost for when you’ll start mission running and shuttling passengers. By the way, set your galaxy map to „economy“ and check every box except „none“ and then it shows you the habited systems around you.Now, what can you do out here? Basically the same shit you’ve been doing back in the bubble, minus the thargoids and minus the big 3 (Fed, Imp and Alliance). You can trade, you can bounty hunt, you can mine, you can shuttle passengers and you can just explore the beautiful area. Seriously, the scenery out here is just beautiful. And when you take some short-range exploration trips, there can be first-discoveries only a few jumps out oft he habitated colonia space!You should now buy a ship you want to use out here. Bring your modules that you’ve bought back in the bubble. If you’re tight on money, the Python would be your best bet to buy out here, because she can really do almost everything reasonably well. Outfit her for VIP-Passengers and start shuttling people from the stations around Colonia to Jaques and back again. Use a Beluga to do the same but make more money per Trip.Buy a Vulture or a FDL… (you can use modules from the ship that brought you out there… Or use A-graded modules that you bought in advance… or have somehow in Storage).Then do some remote engineering.Do something you didn’t do back in the bubble. Go mining (everything is pristine out here!!!) Start interdicting people and give them gold after the interdiction. Be a pirate. Be a vigilante. Be free. And just enjoy what you’re doing.And if you don’t feel like running missions anymore, and if you’re tired of doing stuff and earning credits… Hop in your explorer (or any other ship!) and go out there, looking for interesting views and stuff. There is beauty around here without having to travel very far. And there are so, so many systems out here, it’s almost obscene.And if the way back to the bubble might seem intimidating… Always remember: The way back home is only one Suicidewinder away. (Buy a sidey, jump into a star and chose the freewinder to get back home instantly.)So, yeah, come to Colonia and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.Edit 2:Here is a list of the pinned blueprints I use for my remote-engineering in Colonia:FSD: Grade 5 extended range (Elvira Martuk)Engines: G5 dirrrrrrrrty drives (Ishmael Palin)Powerplant: G1 low emissions (Felicity Farseer) and G4 overcharged (Marco Qwent)Power Distro: G5 charge enhanced (The Dweller)Armour: G5 thermal resist (Selene Jean)Hull reinformcements: G1 heavy Duty (Liz Ryder)Shield: G5 thermal resist (Lei Cheung)Shield booster: G5 resistance augmented (Didi Vatermann)Beam Lazors: G5 Efficient (Broo Tarquin)Multi Cannons: G5 overcharged (Todd "The Blaster" McQuinn)Frag Cannons: G5 rapid fire (Zacariah Nemo)FSD interdictor: G3 enhanced angle-thingy (Colonel Bris Decker)Sensors: G5 lightweight (Juri Ishmaak)Life support: G3 lightweight (Bill Turner)Detailed Surface Scanner: G5 fast scan (Hera Tani)Heat Sink: G5 lightweight (Ram Tah)Collector Limpet Controller: G5 lightweight (The Sarge)Frame Shift Wake scanner: G5 long range (Tiana Fortune)I haven't unlocked Lori Jameson via /r/EliteDangerous