Saturday, 26 April 2008


I am Cinderella

Moping the floor

Vacuuming the dust

Of life

I make the bed

The cats

Sure they're fed

The compost bin empty

I Scrub the tiles

Fill the dishwasher

Noughties man

Complete with smiles

You come home

And find something I've missed

A fault, a mistake

You write up a list

So I am Cinderella

My car a coach of mice

But at least I think the house

Is tidy

Clean and nice.

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Friday, 25 April 2008



In the butchers

Person:- Hello, I would like some meat

Butcher:- What type of meat?

Person:- I would like meat from a cow

Butcher:- What cut would you like?

Person:- I would like shin

Butcher:- How much shin would you like?

Person:- I would like 500g's of shin

Butcher:- That will be £3.50 please


In the Butchers

Person:- Hello, I would like 500g of beef shin please

Butcher:- Certainly. That will be £3.50 please.

See how simple it is? How an unnecessary conversation can be condensed into a just one statement and answer? It's not hard really is it?

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Seven days seem so far away

Seven nights too long

When I was younger time seemed to drag

Like the knuckles of King Kong

But now time seems to go too fast

When spent like mercuric sand

Though seven days is far away

I know the time's at hand

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