Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Call on the Dark – Various Artists (#236)

NB_0233_1167839428_large Call on the Dark – Various Artists

I think it’s probably best that I warn you in advance. When I get to “G” there will be a whole load of compilation albums similar to this resulting from my search into gothic music. If you read regularly you’ll already know of that search.

Call on the Dark is a compilation album. No idea where I got it from but it’s more than likely I downloaded it because it has a track by Fields of the Nephilim. Anyway, the compilation consists of the following:

  • Annwyn, Beneath the Waves – Faith and the Muse

  • Flash in My Veins – Silke Bischoff

  • Dawnland – Love Like Blood

  • Demon – London After Midnight

  • Kick It – Nitzer Ebb

  • Bin Ich Es Denn – Das Ich

  • Dawnrazor – Fields of the Nephilim

  • Dreamland – Girls Under Glass

  • Chains – Dreadful Shadows

  • If Only – Born for Bliss

  • Disorder – Shock Therapy

  • Godsent – Dreamside

  • Kleine Schwester – Umbra et Imago

  • Precious Limetree – Darc Entries

  • To a Loyal Friend – Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

Nephilim aside, there’s nothing much to like about this compilation. I suppose I keep these kind of things just incase I find something I like but 8 years on, I still haven’t.

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Broken – Nine Inch Nails (#224)

Broken - Nine Inch Nails Broken – Nine Inch Nails

Very occasionally I’ll look at who’s playing what on a soundtrack for a film I like. Then I might look up information about that artist, download a couple of their tracks or albums and then see if I like them.

This is what happens when you do that.

You end up with an entire back catalogue of albums, EPs, remixes and guff that litters your music collection.

Broken is an example of what happened after I heard Nine Inch Nails on a number of soundtracks in the nineties and noughties. I immediately sought out all their music based on the Lost Highway and Tomb Raider soundtracks. Disappointed? Yeah I guess I was because I was not able to convert any of their albums into favourites. Of course that didn’t happen with Rammstein.

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