FAQs About this blog

You know? Sometimes I like a bit of a change. Sometimes I like to follow the herd and others I like to just meander aimlessly onto the train tracks of life. This is one of those times. Originally I created my blogspot account to blog stuff to but then I discovered Livejournal. For many years I loitered there. Many long, fun and enjoyable years. Then, like the prodigal son I returned. So here I am.

But wait! What's this? I'm still posting on LJ?

Yes. LJ is fun but Blogspot is serious. Well...kind of. The Other Compost features the long and more windy posts that otherwise get skipped over on LJ friends lists as TLDR. The Other Compost has more....thoughtful....chewy....lumpy content. Where as LJ...well that's for the personal stuff.

Hang on...Don't I know you?

Probably. Either we met online through LJ, you're in my Google address book or you're digging up dirt on me. Stick around though. You might like it.

Is this seat taken?

Yes. It is. Sorry.

Can you tell me where the toilets are?

Are you propositioning me?