Tuesday, 10 December 2019

"Do you want me to bring it inside for you?" No that's OK Tesco, I'll just throw all 100+ items of food hurriedly onto the floor in the hallway so you can be on your way.

I get the need to reduce plastic usage but there must be a better solution. Paper bags? Deposit on the crates and they swap you empty for full each delivery? Now I'm sure we had a pepper delivered last week... ah there it is, under the dining table. via /r/britishproblems https://ift.tt/2E5vRKc

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Disney on Ice


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Knife crime 'fuelled' by brutal Tory cuts to youth services across Liverpool - Liverpool Echo


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Watching everyone displeased as mother lets her crotch goblins run around the carriages touching everything after the walking biohazard’s had its hands down its pants for the past ten minutes. The rest of us being far too polite to say, yet all fed up at the constant ringing of Sonic sound affects.l

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Letting your stupid kids run up and down the train carriage screaming at eachother and then when they do sit down play mobile games at full volume. Everyone is very annoyed but are muttering to themselves in a typical British way

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The new face of Santa Claus [OC]


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